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At Nimba Coffee, we're passionate about providing you with the highest-quality coffee while doing our part to improve the world. That's why we've sourced our beans exclusively from Africa's stunning Nimba Mountain region, known for its unique and delicious coffee varieties. All of our coffee is Peaberry and 100% certified mold-free.
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the source of organic, flavorful coffee

Welcome to Nimba mountain

We believe in not just taste, but sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, so we work directly with farmers in the region to ensure that they're paid fairly for their work and that their land and communities are protected. We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our positive impact on the world.

Our coffee beans are grown and harvested carefully, and we take every step to ensure they are roasted and prepared to perfection. We offer a variety of roasts and blends to suit every taste, whether you prefer a bold and rich dark roast or a smooth and creamy medium roast. And with every sip, you can feel good knowing you're supporting a company that values sustainability and ethical practices as much as you do.

We invite you to experience the unique flavors of Nimba Coffee and join us in our mission to create a better world, one cup at a time.
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What is a peaberry coffee bean and what are the benefits?

Peaberry coffee beans are a type of bean with unique shapes and characteristics. They contain one seed rather than 2, like a typical bean. It's something that happens in about 5% of coffee cherries.

Peaberry beans are rounder and smaller in size. Due to their distinct shape, they undergo different sorting during the processing of coffee beans.

Some advantages of peaberry coffee beans include flavor intensity, enhanced acidity, higher caffeine content, uniform roasting, and unique character.

All of our coffee is not just Peaberry, but is 100% certified mold-free.

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